Sep 20 2012

Welcome to The Screen Lady®, Inc

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The Screen Lady®: We come to you!

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Are you searching for a mobile on-site screen repair company?  Your best source is to ask friends. Usually if a screen company has been around for a while, they will have a loyal following.  If you cannot find a screen company through friends then go online and do a search for screen companies in your area.

An experienced screen repair company will give you good solid information and usually can answer most of your questions over the phone.  Prices will vary depending on whether you are calling a mobile screen service or fixed location shop.  Shops tend to charge a trip charge for going to your home or business.  Remember, shops must pay for their space and leaving their shop can increase their fixed operating expenses (overhead).

Screen companies, whether mobile or not, offer different types of screen windows and doors.  Hence, it is not uncommon to get a wide array of price quotes.  Become familiar with screen lingo and concepts by researching screen websites.  When calling for quotes, compare apples to apples.

To help determine which screen company to choose, there are certain questions that you should ask. Ask how long they have been in business. Ask if they have any references they can provide you.  Be aware that they might have to call their customers to get permission for you to call them.  When a screen company has been in business a long time, they will have several customers that will be glad to speak with you.

Check online to see that there are not any complaints against their company. Ask if they have a contractor’s license, are bonded, and have general liability insurance. If you still are not sure and if all of your questions have not been answered on the phone, have them come out to meet you in person.

Good screen companies usually take pride in their work and appearance.  You should feel comfortable with the screen company representative in your home.

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